About: Nick Burnham

Nick Burnham lives in Williamsburg, Iowa with his parents and brother, and he works in the University of Iowa Main Library and the Iowa City Public Library. He graduated from the University of Iowa in May, 2011 with a Bachelor of Music degree and a minor English. When he's not working or playing Magic he enjoys reading, writing, playing games of all kinds, playing trombone, surfing the internet, taking long walks, and hanging out with friends. His plans for the future include getting an apartment in downtown Iowa City, paying off college loans, going to PAX East next year, and getting more involved in the games industry. He can be reached at: @NostalgickNick on Twitter. BurnTham20 on the Playstation Network. He also has a general gaming blog at grueatemyhomework.wordpress.com.

MTG Commander Articles by Nick Burnham:

M12 Solemn Simulacrum - Commander Staple

M12 and MTG Commander for the New Player

M12 and the WotC Commander Decks: Putting Everything Together for the Magic Noob. This week I’d like to examine a unique and often overlooked subject; getting the new Magic player into Commander.

M12 Spoiler - M12 Planeswalkers

Top 10 New M12 Commander Cards

The best new cards from Magic 2012 core set. Welcome back, everyone. This week I’d like to bring you my favorite new M12 cards for Commander deck use.

Zedruu the Greathearted - MTG Commander

Making the Best of a Bad Situation or How Not to Be “That Guy”

Greetings again, fellow Commander enthusiasts. This week I’d like to address an issue that’s plagued the Magic community for years: the existence of “that guy”. The guy who never stops talking, who insists on informing you of the rules that you already know.

Launch Into Commander

As you all should know, WotC’s new MTG Commander decks hit store shelves last Friday. As far as I can tell, they’re a rousing success. It’s a safe bet that more Commander support will be coming down the pike, maybe sooner than you’d think. No doubt you all have good stories to tell of your experiences with the Commander launch parties.