About: Ian Boyd

I am an 18-year old college freshman at Minnesota State University - Moorhead, going for a major in Graphic Communications. My two loves in relation to Magic are building rogue decks for Standard, and even more so, playing and playing more Commander. While the deck I’ll play the most is Thraximundar (what a popular guy!), I’m slowly working on Animar, Soul of Elements. You can always poke fun at my (somewhat) new North Dakota accent. Believe me, I laugh at myself sometimes. My goal here: to write articles catering to all varieties of the Commander player, and to share my love of the format with other players! Enjoy the show.

MTG Commander Articles by Ian Boyd:

Teysa Orzhov Scion Commander Deck Series

Teysa, Orzhov Scion Commander Series – Part 1

I chose Teysa, Orzhov Scion because she has ways to deal with threats on the board. Teysa is also great for building a token deck, as she rewards the token-based strategies.